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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


This first clip is of my sifu, Dr. Johnny Jang, at De Anza college a few years back. He's doing the 36 Fu Style Tai Chi form. Note that it seems to be more flowery than most, but the differential is, is that it combines Yang Style Taiji with Pa Kua Zhang movements. It's exceptionally more difficult to do. I've won a medal or two with this form.

Here's something completely different: a Chen fan form!

It used to be, there was no such creature. As of this writing, the only place I can find that sells this VCD, is a company in Hong Kong (on eBay). The lady's name is Ma Chunxi. It's exceptionally good. It combines movements from Chen forms one and two, with some of the jian (sword) moves. I'm teaching it to myself, and it is very hard, even with my background.

And yes, I find it odd that of all the styles, Chen never developed a fan form, common as the fan is in China (and how beastly hot it gets over there, to boot!).

Once I absorb it, and practice it often enough, it gives me an excuse to get out my metal fan that I bought, a few years back. I was going to learn a Pa Kua fan form, but it got put on the backburner. Not to mention that the metal fan is much heavier, and harder on the wrist than a standard fan.

Watch, enjoy, ponder, ask if you have a question or two.

And good playing to you all.


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